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No, Charlie Sheen has not taken over my blog 🙂  I wanted to tell you about my recent winnings from two groups that I’ve joined.

Cinemoms – This is a moms group that has contests for free movies and offers discounts on many local places for kids.  I joined this summer when one of the daily deal sites had a membership for just $15.  You can win tickets to movie premiers around Atlanta!  We won tickets to Spiderman (in 3D and IMAX), Here Comes the Boom (we won 4 tickets so that was date night with some neighbors), Secret of the Wings, and Silver Linings Playbook.  You can try Cinemoms for a month for free with this link.

Macaroni Kid – I also joined Macaroni Kid this summer (wish I had known about it sooner).  They have different groups for cities/areas all over the country.  It’s free to join and they post about activities for families and offer contests & discounts.  I just won 4 tickets to the play Huck Finn (an $80 value).  The play actually ended up being a bust for us.  Nolan lost interest after about 5 minutes, so we left at intermission.  The theater was really neat though.

I said that I would have Halloween pictures today but Janie was at a sleep over and we didn’t all get dressed before she left so I will have them on Thursday.  Have a great week!

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