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I’m beat

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This weekend was full of fun but little rest and I’m beat!  Janie’s friend had a birthday party on Friday night.  Then we came home and two of my girlfriends came over.  We ended up staying up entirely too late but had fun chatting the night away.  Saturday, we picked up my mother in law and went to the mall (it seems like we go there often, maybe I’m raising a mall rat).  Janie got the new American Girl catalog this week and wanted to buy a lovie for her Bitty Baby.  She used her own money to pay for it and was pretty proud.  After lunch at the mall, we headed to the Center for Puppetry Arts.  We saw Peter and the Wolf and the Frog Prince.  They were really cute and the kids enjoyed the museum and making their own frog puppets.

Then we came home, ate a quick dinner and had neighbors over to watch the GA game.  Georgia pulled off a win but it was not a great game.  My parents took the kids home with them after church today.  I ran lots of errands and finished up our Halloween costumes.  No time for a nap this weekend!


One thought on “I’m beat

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your family is so cute! Have a great week.

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