Life with the Bs


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  • When I placed this order with thredUP, they sent me a bag to fill and send in (they pay for shipping).  After my failed garage sale, I filled it up with about 20 items.  I ended up getting $21.90.  I could then request a Paypal payout or I could use it towards purchases.  You can still use my link to get a $10 credit that can be applied towards your purchase, including shipping.  You will also get a bag with your order and can potentially get rid of some of your old children’s clothes.  It ended up being a pretty good deal for me!
  • Nolan has stayed dry throughout the night for a week now!  We are officially a diaper-free house!   Maybe it’s time for another one 🙂
  • I’ve made beds every day since this post.  I love how this blog holds me accountable!  Maybe if I write that I don’t eat my kid’s Halloween candy, I will actually stick to that statement!

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