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Different kids


It amazes me how two parents can raise two kids and they can be so different.  Janie was a very fussy baby.  She was colicky and would cry from about 6pm – 10pm each night.  As working parents, this was our time with her so it made things really hard.  We bought the Baby Whisperer Solves All Your Problems book when she was about 6 weeks old.  The EASY schedule made a huge difference.  She still had her colicky time but getting her on that schedule helped us so much.  Janie was a very good toddler.  We didn’t have many behavior issues with her.  She’s a great eater and always has been.  She loves fruits and veggies and is willing to try new things.  She even makes her sandwich with the heel of the bread (cracks me up since so many kids have you cut off the crust).

Nolan, on the other hand, was a very easy going baby.  He was always smiling and a great sleeper.  We really didn’t have any issues with him until we started to feed him real food and he wanted nothing to do with it and he still doesn’t.  He has also been a pretty difficult toddler.  He is always finding trouble.

It’s hard to figure out how to adjust your parenting for each child.  What works for one won’t necessarily work for the other.  Janie only had to “change her color” about 4 times in Kindergarten and not at all so far this school year.  I have a feeling that will be a different story when Nolan is in school.  I’m still trying to figure out what works best for him as far as behavior and rewards go. And once I figure it out, I’m sure things will change.  This parenting stuff is hard work, but oh so worth it!


2 thoughts on “Different kids

  1. It really is amazing how different each child is. I laugh now when I think back on parenting our oldest as a toddler and thinking she was strong-willed. She really isn’t, but my second and third definitely are. And yes, it’s so hard to find your parenting style for each specific child and determine what is most effective for them.

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