Life with the Bs


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So happy that Friday is finally here!  We have had quite a week.  Janie came home on Wednesday with a sore throat.  When she asked to go to bed at 4pm, I knew we had a problem.  We headed to the Minute Clinic about 5pm and there were 6 people ahead of us!  After spending many, many minutes at the Minute Clinic, she was diagnosed with strep.  Janie gets nauseous with strep so it was a long night but the meds should have her back to normal in no time!

Nolan is still wearing diapers at night and we went through our stash.  I’m hoping to be out of diapers soon so I just bought a small pack of the Value diapers from Kroger…..bad idea!  We have been up twice this week in the middle of the night because he soaked through the diaper.  Last night, we put him to bed with no diaper.  We took him to the bathroom twice after putting him to bed and he woke up dry!

Funny story – The other day, Nolan wanted to watch a movie and Tim said no, it was time to take a shower.  Nolan looked at him and said, “taking a shower is not my plans.”  Unfortunately for him, he does not make his plans.  I guess he hasn’t learned that lesson yet!

Glad that we have a fun weekend planned!  I’m taking the kids and Janie’s friend to the movies tomorrow morning.  This will be Nolan’s first movie theater experience.  I hope he behaves!  Then we are going to a chilli cook off at a friend’s house.  We took the Silver Tums last year so we are going for the Gold Pepto this year!

Have a great weekend!


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