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I have loved volunteer work for as long as I can remember!  When I was in college all of my roommates and I were in a service fraternity.  We did a number of service projects and I actually made my first Thanksgiving dinner for a homeless shelter in Athens as a sophomore in college.  We made it the week before Thanksgiving and were so proud, until we showed up and were told that it was the 3rd Thanksgiving meal that they had and it wasn’t even Thanksgiving yet!  I guess we weren’t the only ones with that idea 🙂  I’ve posted before about being a counselor at Camp Walk and Roll, something that I also started in college.

Then I became a parent and it was so hard to find time to get involved in volunteer activities.  It’s difficult to find things that you can do with young children but they are out there.  I’ve been a religious education teacher for 7 years now.  I teach the 4 year olds……they can’t stump me 🙂  Our church has a nursery for my kids before they are able to attend classes and Janie loves to help me setup for class.  Janie is a Daisy this year so she is learning about community service herself.  Her Daisy Troop will have a service project as well.  I’m excited to get my kids involved in community service.  What are some ways that you and your family give of your time?


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