Life with the Bs

Weekend fun

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We had a nice weekend!  Tim had to work most of the weekend so I tried to keep the kids and I busy.  We went to an Autumn Festival with friends yesterday.  We had a good time!

On a hayride

Down the slide

A little face paint

After naps, we dropped the kids off with my parents for the night and went to a wedding.  I got the bride and groom some note cards with their initial and then bought a canvas to make a wall hanging.  My intention was to do chevron stripes on the canvas but that wasn’t going well so we went with vertical stripes.

We are quite the party people……kid-less for a night and home before 10pm.  Tim fell asleep before the Georgia game was over.  A very sad game, by the way!  It was nice not to have to get kids ready for church this morning though, thanks Mom and Dad!

I took the kids out for frozen yogurt this afternoon, even though it’s chilli here today.

Nolan had to make sure he got every last bit!

Have a great week!

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