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Giving without breaking the bank

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It seems like we are invited to a birthday party every other weekend.  This can get expensive so I try to keep gifts under $10.  Luckily, I have found this pretty easy to do by stockpiling all year long!  I stockpile for Christmas as well.  I am always checking clearance racks and discount sections in every store.  The Disney Store, a crowd pleaser, has a great clearance section.  I have a pack of the Cars 2 Die Cast Cars in my stockpile right now, regularly $20, I got it for $5.  I also got a stuffed Tow Mater, regularly $20, for $5. drug stores put their toys on clearance, we got a whole bunch of outdoor toys for one of Janie’s friends and it was all half off due to the end of summer.  I get lots of free card offers or I have the kids make cards for their friends (I try to share these offers with you as well).  I also use our credit card points to purchase gift cards as gifts.  For Janie’s teacher’s birthday, I ordered a Starbucks gift card, using our points so nothing out of pocket, and got this printable off of Pinterest.

I just printed it on picture paper that I already had and got a coffee sleeve from the Starbucks up the street.  There are so many ways to give gifts without a lot of expense.  What are some of your gift giving ideas?


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