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Giving: World Vision


In the midst of the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, I felt like I needed to do something to help.  We decided to adopt a young girl from Haiti through World Vision.  I think I was introduced to World Vision through The Mom Creative.  This is Jean, Janie’s sister as she likes to say.

Janie loves to tell people about her sister and show off her picture.  Janie prays for Jean every night and is always asking me how big her mailbox is because she wants to send her everything under the sun!  This has given us the opportunity to talk with Janie about how people live around the world and how blessed we are to have a stable roof over our heads and warm food on our table.  We have been able to send Jean a few things and most recently World Vision gave us the opportunity to buy her a Bible (which left Janie asking why she can get a Bible in her mailbox but not the hair bows, dolls and food that Janie wants to send).  Jean sends us letters and we get progress reports on her each year.  Janie wants to learn French so she can go to Haiti and meet Jean one day.  I would love to see that happen too!


5 thoughts on “Giving: World Vision

  1. This is such a precious story!! You are doing a wonderful job of teaching your children to be generous, and prayerful, to others.

  2. How sweet! I especially love that your daughter wants to learn French. This is truly a family cause.

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