Life with the Bs

Weekend in review

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Nolan’s school had a cultural parade on Friday.  Unfortunately, this is still what happens when I show up to most school events.

Once he sees me, it’s all over.  Smores and banana boats at the fire pit with neighbors on Friday night made it all better though!

I was at a church function on Saturday so Tim and my mother in law took the kids to a hunting and fishing festival.

My mother in law was in the snake show!  As Janie says, “she faced her fears.”  Looks like there was lots of that going on Saturday!

Saturday night, we had a cookout and watched our Dawgs win with friends.  Then on Sunday, after some time with my parents, we took the kids to a local mountain for a picnic dinner.  We were going to hike up the mountain but we weren’t really prepared, I was carrying my purse and we didn’t bring water.  We didn’t make it all the way up but we had a nice hike (with a few tears, of course) and then a picnic dinner.

It was a nice weekend with beautiful weather!


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