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Becoming a “yes” mom


I’m working on my transformation into a “yes” mom.  I like to have control, I prefer things that are neat and tidy and I like a routine.  These things lead to me telling my kids “no” quite often.  I’ve decided that I’m going to start saying “yes” a little more (baby steps, people).

We were at a neighbors house last month and it started to rain.  My neighbor’s son ran outside and Janie asked if she could go too.  My initial reaction was “no, then you will be all wet.” But then I thought about it, who cares if she’s wet!  I said yes and I watched both kids running around, giggling in the rain.

A few weeks ago, we were eating dinner and the kids asked if we could go out for ice cream.  Tim and I looked at each other decided why not!  Yes, they were a little late going to bed that night but we had fun as a family so it was worth it!

I’ve decided that saying yes every once in awhile isn’t going to erase all of the things that we have taught our kids and the structure that we have established.  Eating dinner on the floor for movie night doesn’t mean that we always eat in the living room.  Going to bed late on the weekends doesn’t mean that we can always stay up late.  In fact, I think it makes these events even more special and memorable for my kids.

However, sometimes our “yes” backfires on us and ends up with a Bruster’s baby cone in the dirt as it did last night when Nolan threw his ice cream cone down after I tried to help him with the drips.  It will be awhile before we say “yes” to going out for ice cream again!

*I have another prayer request.  Please pray for my grandma.  She is moving into a rehab center today after falling and breaking her pelvis last Friday.  Thanks!


2 thoughts on “Becoming a “yes” mom

  1. I’ve been trying to be more of a “yes” mom, too.. I was a “yes” mom today when I said we could go through the self-check at the grocery store so my little girl could help scan the groceries. I had to take over at the end because a line was ofrming behind us, but it felt good to say yes.

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