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Happy Friday


Today’s post is random thoughts by Laura 🙂

Today is sports team day at Nolan’s school.  He wore his GA jersey, size 12 months (one of the perks of having a small kid).  He wouldn’t let me take a picture but here he is on sports team day two years ago in the same jersey.  It’s a little snug this year so I think we will retire it this season.

Yesterday, Janie and a friend were playing dolls.  Janie said, let’s pretend that we got them from the adopting room and they were in the same cage.  I guess in her mind, you adopt a baby as you would a cat or dog.  I explained that babies are never kept in cages.

I have never been much of a skinny jeans and boots type of girl.  However, I tried on some cowboy boots at Target a few weeks ago and they were pretty cute.  I remembered that my mom had a pair so I asked her if I could borrow them.  They are from 1978!  I may see if I can pull them off this weekend.

In my mind, it’s never too early to Christmas shop!  Tiny Prints is offering 10 free Thank You cards until 9/19 with promo code FREETHANKS.  I ordered really cute monogrammed note cards for Janie’s teacher.  I just paid $3.50 for shipping.

Janie finally lost both front teeth!  I am not good with this losing teeth stuff.  And it’s a battle with every tooth but she is finally getting to the point that she will pull them when they are hanging there all crooked!  Love that toothless grin!

I have a couple of prayer requests.  If you could please pray for my dad, that he receives direction on where to go with his business/career.  Also, I have a friend that is going through some serious stuff right now.  Please keep her and her family in your prayers.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!

3 thoughts on “Happy Friday

  1. LOVE the boots!!! Go for it! Also, tried the Pinterest eggs, I added sausage-Jason loved them!

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