Life with the Bs

Boys will be boys


You don’t know the meaning of that phrase until you have a son.  We got a note when we picked Nolan up at school on Friday that he and another little boy were using the playground as a urinal!  Oh the things that make a mother proud.  He also got an incident report for biting that afternoon.  He and the same boy were wrestling on the carpet and I guess Nolan did what he could to take the boy down…..Mike Tyson style!  When we got home that afternoon, we had a talk about biting and going potty in the bathroom.  Today, Nolan came running in the house and said, “I didn’t bite anyone and I didn’t go potty on the playground, can I have some gum?”  At least he’s good for something……

He’s also pretty darn cute!

I don’t know what other surprises are headed my way with this boy but it’s fine with me if he gets them all out now so the teenage years will be a breeze.  From what I hear, his sister may have those years covered!


2 thoughts on “Boys will be boys

  1. FUNNY!!!! Believe me, I can relate X 3 !!!!! He is ADORABLE, by the way :0

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