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Up, up and away

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We had a short little vacation this weekend.  We went to spend the weekend with some friends that live a couple of hours away.  We left early on Saturday morning and drove to Callaway Gardens for their Hot Air Balloon Festival.  After a pancake breakfast, we took a little balloon ride.  The kids were hesitant.  Nolan had a very tight grip on me and Janie was glued to Tim’s legs.  It was pretty neat though!

This is us on our way down.

We walked around the car show and then headed to the butterfly center.

Then we hit the beach!  It was nice to cool off in the water and they had a band playing.  A great way to spend a holiday weekend!

On Sunday, we went to the Wild Animal Safari.  Tim and I had gone back in November and we knew that the kids would love it.  As you can see, they come right up to your car and eat from your hand.  Janie and Ryan were the brave ones.  Nolan and Maggie came to the back seat to hang with the moms a few times.

We also got to meet up with Tim’s cousin’s family.  They were in town for Jacob’s baptism.  We were so happy that we got to see them.  And also shocked at how much Jacob has grown in a month!

It was a great weekend with great company!  Now I’m off to do laundry.


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