Life with the Bs


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We have a little wall with siding next to our front door, under the porch.  I had a welcome sign there but the wind kept blowing it down and it fell apart.  We were left with just a nail.  I’ve been looking for something to hang with no luck.  I keep seeing all of these chalkboards everywhere so I decided that I wanted to paint a chalkboard.  I told Tim my idea and he said that he could just frame a piece of wood and we could paint it.

I had him take pictures along the way so here they are:

And here is the finished product.  Total cost was $0!  Tim collected scrap wood from job sites, we mixed paint that we currently have and used left over chalkboard paint that a neighbor had.  They painted a wall in their kitchen so I asked if I could buy their left over paint.  She said that we could have it!  I’m really happy with the way it turned out.


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