Life with the Bs

Weekend Wrap-up

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We had a great weekend!  Friday night, we ordered the movie Chimpanzee.  Janie really wanted to see it.  Nolan actually watched it……when he wasn’t walking around the couch like a chimp.  It was a really cute movie and just over an hour, the perfect length for family movie night!  During the movie Nolan asked, “Why do they have 2 boogers?”  I finally figured out that he was asking why they have 2 nostrils.  I guess we tell him not in pick his boogers so to him, the wholes are called a boogers.  Pretty funny!

On Saturday, Tim had a massage scheduled so we dropped him off and the kids and I went to the mall.  Janie was all ready for the American Girl store.  We didn’t get anything but she loves to browse.

We were going to my best friend’s birthday party that night so we dropped the kids off at my in-laws after lunch.  After a busy week, it was nice for Tim and I to have a night out.

Sunday was a pretty lazy day.  Janie had a play date with a classmate after church so Nolan and I were able to take a nap.  I love a good nap!  When we woke up, Nolan said he wanted a play date with me!  I hope he stays this sweet forever!


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