Life with the Bs

Typos and Back to School

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I am the queen of typos!  I just want to give you fair warning that you are going to see a number of them in my posts.  I proofread but always end up reading what I want to say, not what I actually type.  I once sent an e-mail to our entire database at work about our “pubic training classes”.  I meant to say “public training classes”.  Oops!  At least I got a few laughs.  I’ve made a number of photo books and it never fails, there is always a typo somewhere.  In Nolan’s book that I made when he was born, I put “love at first site.”

We had a good weekend!  Got to hang with friends, watched the Olympics some and did some back to school shopping.  I can’t believe that school starts this week!  Here are Janie’s first and last day pictures from the past two years.  I think we need to stop time now!!!

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