Life with the Bs

I’m a hoarder


My house is pretty clean and de-cluttered.  TLC won’t be coming over, well maybe for What Not to Wear (Stacy and Clinton would die if they saw what I look like dropping Nolan of at school) but that’s another story.  I’m a fairly organized person.  My problem?  COUPONS.

If they are’t expired, I can’t throw them out! We don’t eat at Stevi B’s……but what if we do?  This mayo coupon expires next week and we have some in the fridge and pantry…….but what if there is a great mayo sale and I miss out on some cheap or free mayo because tossed my coupon?  I grab coupons wherever I see them…..booklets from restaurants, the doctors office, the grocery store.  And the mail, auto shops that I have never heard of, airport parking (I haven’t flown anywhere in years), and Bed, Bath & Beyond cards……what if I need one of these?

My coupon binder

The problem with my hoarding is that I have so many coupons…..on the kitchen counter, in the car, in my binder and in my purse…..that I can’t find what I need.  I think I need an intervention!


4 thoughts on “I’m a hoarder

  1. Girl, you are crazy!! I do love coupons, too! I usually only clip what I know we will use or what I’ve seen on a past sale. It seems like you have a pretty good system for keeping them in a binder. I use a coupon holder with lots of categories.

  2. haha that’s funny 🙂 but at least they’re all in a binder, if it was me – they would be all over the place!

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