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Week in review

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Nolan swallowed an eraser this week.  It was an egg eraser that came from an Easter egg hunt.  He swallowed the yoke.  It look about 24 hours to come out other end, for future reference.  He’s had a busy few weeks….sparkler burn to the eyelid, a swollen ear and swallowing an eraser.  Janie never did stuff like this!

Janie is the lizard whisperer!  She could catch these things all day long.
Janie completed her summer reading from the library, twice.  They had different levels and the way that I read it, she had to read a total of 45 books.  Well, she only had to read 20.  Oops!  We shoot for the stars at this house 🙂

We tackled a big project this weekend!  We, as in Tim did all the work while I did my best to keep the kids out of his way.  I will have pictures of the finished product up this week.
Looking forward to a fun week with a day off, family coming into town and a wedding on Saturday!


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