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Last week in review

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Having a holiday in the middle of the week will really mess with your head!  I had to ask myself what day it was as I woke up each day last week.  We had a great 4th of July.  The kids and I went to the neighborhood parade in the morning.  Then we met Tim at a local festival were he was working the Knights of Columbus booth for our church.  We ended the evening with a cookout at a neighbor’s house.

I just love this shirt that Nolan made at school!

Work was dead on Friday (all week, really) so I cut out early and decided to tackle our laundry room.  I like to store toys out of sight so we put them in the laundry room right off of our living room and IT WAS A MESS!  I think my kids were playing with brooms and dust pans just because they couldn’t easily find what they wanted from there.



We didn’t have any plans this weekend!  That never happens….it seems there is always a birthday party or something that we have on the schedule.        We went to a local festival on Friday night with some neighbors.  On Saturday, the boys went to Road Atlanta for a race so it was just the girls.   Janie and I made a trip to Goodwill and the grocery store.  Janie got a Mary-Kate and Ashley movie from the library last week.  She had no idea who they are, I guess she just liked the cover.  I told her that I used to watch them on TV when I was little.  She really liked the movie so I recorded a few Full House episodes and we watched them together on Saturday.  Wow, that brought back some memories!  What a great show.  I really wish there was stuff on TV that we could watch with our kids like that today!  Anyway, we ended the weekend with a family lunch at my in-laws.  However, no weekend is complete without a trip to the Minute Clinic!  We noticed as we were leaving church this morning that one of Nolan’s ears was swollen.

See how far his left ear is sticking out.

It looks even worse from the back.

I gave him Benadryl when we got home but by this evening it was still looking pretty bad.  So off to the Minute Clinic we went.  I love the convenience of that place!  The only explanation that we could come up with is that he was bit by something, although there is no puncture wound.  We got some meds and hopefully he will be back to normal in a few days, not that it has slowed him down a bit!

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