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Nolan at 3

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Nolan just turned 3 so I wanted to do a post about what he is up to these days.

  • You love anything with wheels, especially motorcycles. You can hear/spot them from very far away.
  • You are finally on the weight chart (25%).  You were drinking one PediaSure a day for the past year to catch up so we were very excited about this!!!  You are 29lbs and 36 inches.
  • You have been potty trained while awake since September.  You still wear size 4 diapers at night.  You no longer wear diapers at naptime but sometimes come home from school in different clothes due to nap accidents.  We are working towards being a totally diaper-free house very soon!
  • You wear size 18 – 24 month clothes.  You can wear size 2T shirts but pants fall off.
  • You might be small but you have huge feet!  You are wearing size 8 shoes.  I hope this is a sign that you will be a big boy, like a puppy with big paws 🙂
  • You are a horrible eater.  You eat yogurt, bread, cereal and bananas…..that’s about it.
  • You are a great sleeper.  You go to bed about 8pm and sleep until about 6 – 7am.  You also take about a 2 hour nap.  Even though you can get out of your bed now, you stay in there until someone is up.
  • You are adding a C sound to many words.  An egg yoke is “coke” and a horn is “corn”.  Rs and Ss are hard for you.  You say “bwead”, “cwane” and “talt”.  In the car, you tell Daddy to “bonk the corn” (translation: honk the horn).
  • You are starting to hold your own with Janie.  The other day, you told her “don’t talk to me like that”.
  • This is how you dance.  I think you belong in the 80s!
  • Your best friend at school is Trevor.  
  • You have the best smile and are such a happy boy.
  • You tell me that you love me more than cake all the time.  You are definitely a mama’s boy and I love it!!!  

I will share the Cars birthday party pictures this week.


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