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Kids Rooms


It’s Show Us Your Life Friday – Kids Rooms at Kelly’s Korner.  I chose themes as babies that could grow with our kids.  Janie is 6 and we have made a few changes over the years but many of the decorative items have stayed the same.

Janie painted this at a place up the street from us.  It was her first time at a painting class and she loved it.  I helped a little and the instructor did the outline, the eye and the nose.  It’s still pretty impressive!

Check out all those hair bows……she’s a Southern girl!

We just got Nolan a bedroom set (my baby is growing up).  His nursery furniture was white so we just painted the bookshelf red and he was good to go!

Every bed needs an UGA pillow pet!


4 thoughts on “Kids Rooms

  1. I am loving the navy wall with that bed! SOO cute!!

  2. That’s a very impressive unicorn painting!

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