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Today on the 3rd Annual Commenting Challenge, Jenna wants us to talk about social media and websites that we visit.  I’m on Facebook, like everyone.  I have a Twitter account but don’t do much with it and I don’t use Instagram.  And the reason why is that I’m too cheap to pay for the data plan so I still have a flip phone.  Yes, you read that correctly, I STILL have a FLIP PHONE.  However, our cell contracts are up in a few weeks so I will be joining the modern age!

As for websites that I visit on a daily basis.  Here is a list:– I started logging my food in May and I love it!  Logging really makes you think about what you put into your mouth.  As a mom, I would eat off my kids plates, steal a french fry here or there, or skip a meal.  With logging, you look at what you are eating and can hold yourself accountable. – of course! – I’m exctied about joining her Show Us Your Life Fridays.  I also have someone lined up for Show Us Your Singles! – I used to babysit Candace. – Jessica has so many great ideas. – Maybe if I read her blog enough, I can start to cook, bake and throw parties like her! – Praying for Lucy’s miracle! – Aren’t those babies the cutest!

2 thoughts on “Social Media

  1. Just love your blog. Had to say it again! Excited to keep reading. I read most of those same blogs each day!

    Hope you enjoy making your “goals” list. It’s fun to mark them off!

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