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How to Save

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Today Jenna’s Journey is asking us to blog about what we blog about 🙂  So I guess I better blog about something!

I thought I would start with my best money savings tips.

1. ShopAtHome – Before I purchase anything online, I go here to find coupon codes and to get cash back.  You link to the online store through them and then get a percentage of cash back in a check every 3 months.  We purchased our washer and dryer during black Friday sales this way.  We got the sale price, free delivery and over $100 cash back!  Ebates is the same thing but I find that ShopAtHome typically has higher percentages.  However, Ebates sends you a check after only $5 cash back.  With ShopAtHome, it has to be $20.  They are both great ways to save!

2. Swagbucks – I love Swagbucks!  Use it as your search engine, get points and earn free stuff.  For 450 points you can get an gift card.  I used these gift cards to have diapers delivered to my door!  Luckily, we no longer have a need for diapers so now I plan to get B&N gift cards for my Nook purchases.

3. Daily deal sites – I have purchased so many things from gifts, adventures (my husband had a helicopter flying lesson), dinners to clothing from these daily deal sites.  Here are a few of my favorites: – you can use Amazon credits for this one and shipping is always free!  Their deals go live at noon and I just scored a pair of Carter’s tennis shoes for my little man for $7 (I applied one of my $5 swagbucks gift cards)! – get 20% off of your purchases through 6/29 with promo code SUMMER20.

I will stop there for now!  I can never save too much money so I would love to hear your best money savings tips.

*Disclosure: Compensated referral links used


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